Black Warrior Review Interview

The four fiction writers (including me!) being featured in Black Warrior Review‘s fall issue (coming Oct 1) offer up answers on three writing questions: how we write, who we read, and what we do when we feel stuck. I’m honored to be published alongside these lovely writers. Read the short interview here!

Here’s an excerpt:

Black Warrior Review: What are your writing habits, routines, superstitions, favorite writing spots, etc.? In other words, what is your writing process like?

Robin Tung: Joan Didion has a great essay called “On Keeping a Notebook” in The White Album. I keep a notebook to help me process the day, my readings, any dreams, work, and the people in my life.  Hardly anything in the notebook makes its way into a project, but this type of record-keeping is a sort of self-reassurance of subjectivity and experience. It works as a sort of precursor to the other writing that happens… 


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