Creative Writing Feedback

This essential holistic critique (450-600 words) addresses plotting, structure, character development, imagery and use of language. The aim of the feedback is to clarify the heart of your story and guide you in the revision process by revealing problems within the narrative and providing stepping stones to completing a project whether in primary or final stages. In addition to the written critique, you will receive margin notes addressing specific sentences within the original document. The critique assesses the intention of each piece with care, and provides concrete ways to elevate the story or essay. (Not available for poetry or playwriting.)

$185 for a story or essay up to 20 pages (6,000 words); $85 per additional piece in same submission; $5 per additional page (300 words).

Personal Statement Review

The personal statement gives faculty a sense of who you really are through your background, influences, struggles, and point of view. These statements take readers beyond academic achievements, and are highly influential in MFA admissions. In addition, a good teaching statement can strengthen your application and give you an advantage in funding. The review provides specific steps, questions, and suggestions to improve the content, tone, language, and architecture of the statement. 

$145 for up to 4 pages (1,200 words); $5 per additional page (300 words); 10% off subsequent revisions.

Professional Copyediting & Editing 

Ensure that your book, article, essay, report, proposal, web content, and any other material is ready for submission or publication. Professional copyediting or editing strengthens your writing by focusing on the organization of your material and use of language: concision, diction, uniformity in voice and style, tone, grammar and mechanics. A great time saver for any busy or stressed professional. 

$105 per hour. Please contact for a more specific estimate.

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Review and feedback services are usually delivered in 10 business days but may take longer during application season. Expediting starts at $75 per project depending on availability and project size. Payments are made via Paypal or Square Cash.