“With Robin’s advice on structure and content, what was a statement that lacked direction and crucial facts, became one that has become well-structured and informative, all while maintaining the concision required by MFA programs. Throughout the revision process, she kept pushing for more from me, which forced me to dig into my past and my writing, and encouraged me to really think about what was important to convey to the committee. The statement, now, looks and feels professional. I doubt that I would have been able to get there without her assistance.” –Amar B., Varese, Italy

“I was preparing my application for the Sundance Screenwriter’s Lab, which required different writing samples including an artistic statement, biography, and a synopsis of my story. Robin reviewed my work and immediately gave suggestions as to how to edit and write in a way that builds the dramatic, emotional story rather than just explaining the plot linearly. She quickly recognized the strengths and weaknesses of my writing, and advised on what I should be expanding on. This was extremely helpful in finding my voice in the piece, and not letting it get lost. With her suggestions I was able to submit something that read more like a complete narrative story.” –Jimmy C., New York City, NY

“Robin helped me review two stories for my MFA applications. It was well worth the investment . . . Robin helped to identify more precisely structural or thematic issues that I intuitively knew were holding back my work, but I had trouble articulating on my own. With Robin’s feedback and guidance, I was able to return to my writing with greater clarity about how my work could improve. This fall I will be attending my first-choice MFA program. I couldn’t be happier and I look forward to working with Robin again.” –Michael L. Taipei, Taiwan

“I valued her careful assessments of my work; [her notes] not only spurred me to tighten my prose and make as many improvements as I could within the time allotted, but they also gave me a sense of validation. It was clear that Robin paid attention to my words, and saw what I was trying to do . . . [Robin] asked questions that made me evaluate the point of what I was trying to say, and figure out if there was a better way to say it. This helped me revise not only my manuscript, but also my personal statement. I am so thankful for Robin’s services!” –Katie D., Rochester, NY

“Robin helped me revise two stories for my MFA applications, and I would highly recommend working with her. She provided excellent guidance on larger thematic/structural issues as well as precise line edits. Her advice is spot-on, and always constructive and generative. She really gets inside the story— this allows her to give empathetic and conscientious edits which helped me clarify my own style and intentions. Her guidance allowed me turn my stories into sharp, elegant, structurally sound pieces of writing. I will be attending an excellent, fully-funded MFA program next year and her feedback was invaluable in improving my manuscript.” –Robin T., Brooklyn, NY

“I’m currently in the offices of the MFA at — and wanted to write to thank Robin for helping me get here. It feels crazy to think about how different things were when we were speaking a year ago. She’s some kind of horse-whisperer for writers, it’s amazing.” –Dave M., London, UK

“I’m delighted I enlisted Robin Tung’s services prior to submitting my MFA applications. Her invaluable feedback revealed missed opportunities in my story (and statement of purpose) and identified weaknesses easily strengthened with her guidance. Even if I don’t get into a program, I feel as though I’ve already reaped the rewards of a higher education.” –Devi S., Notre Dame, IN

“Robin’s ability to grasp a story’s strengths and further finesse them—all within a staggeringly quick turnaround—was impressive as it was useful. She understood my characters’ voices and worked to sharpen them, to make them resonate. I liken her edits to a literary boot camp: flabby, aimless prose gets transformed into muscular, vibrant work.” –Cam S., Brooklyn, NY

“I found Robin’s method of working to be efficient and thorough in shaping my vision. Through insightful questions during my preliminary interviews, Robin coached me into crafting an application I am proud of. Robin has a wonderful way of reading texts analytically, whilst holding the writer’s intentions and visions intact. The result of working with her is a richly expanded work that best captures your voice as a writer. I found Robin to be highly respectful and encouraging of my work and my process. Her honest coaching allowed me to develop my work more thoroughly and gave me more confidence in myself as a viable candidate for a MFA.” –Sifiso M., Sterkrivier, South Africa 

“Robin came back to me with the kind of feedback I wasn’t getting in my workshops. While her comments about problems I knew I had were incisive, it was her comments about issues I hadn’t seen before – especially those relating to voice and characterization — that gave me the tools I needed to [complete] a publishable story.  I’d recommend her to anyone in need of sound advice.” -Thomas B., Dublin, Ireland

“Robin’s manuscript review was a wonderful resource.  Her comments on work were both professional and in depth.  It was truly a confidence boost having an ally to not only critique work, but also answer questions during an agonizing application process.  I’m happy to say I’ll be attending a reputable MFA program this fall, and don’t know if this would be the case had I not enlisted her help!” -Justin S., Milwaukee, WI

“I had the pleasure of working with Robin when I considered applying for a MFA.  Her thorough review of my writing sample was extremely helpful. Her comments were very much on point and they provided the guidance I needed to elevate my story up a notch.  She noticed gaps and flaws that I did not see.  Robin truly delivered and I am happy I used her services.” Madeleine T., Montreal, Canada

“Even after years of working with writers in workshops, Robin’s feedback on my story was the most thorough, thoughtful, and helpful I’ve encountered. It addressed the heart of my work and gave workable suggestions on a holistic level, as well as detailed line edits. Robin had a clear sense of what I was trying to accomplish with my story and how to best move it in that direction. While it can be a bit nerve wracking to hand your work to a stranger, it was the most helpful thing I’ve done in my editing process.” -Tracy F., Brooklyn, NY

“Robin has the singular ability to see the work from the inside and outside—an ability that is often lacking in even the best editors. She has an exacting eye and a huge heart, and this combination has helped me solve problems of content, tone, and structure, while still maintaining the work’s intent and integrity. For both creative endeavors and practical pursuits, I go to Robin first; I trust her sensitivity, intelligence, and instincts over anyone’s.” -Anne-Marie T., Columbia, MO

I was considering MFA programs after being out of school for over a decade, and Robin was uniquely valuable as a surrogate academic advisor: she was familiar with the various programs and their quirks, genuinely interested in my goals, and just fantastically supportive during the application process. That is in addition to her top-notch work as an editor; Robin’s critiques were some of the most thorough and insightful I’ve received, covering everything from story structure to use of language, as well as addressing how certain choices might be received by admissions committees.  Working with Robin made me a stronger candidate, helped me approach the overall process in a thoughtful fashion, and was always just a pleasure.” -Nathan H., New York City, NY

“Robin’s feedback was particularly helpful when it came to improving organization and dramatic tension. Her line edits helped strengthen clarity and continuity of story and scene, not to mention tighten the overall movement of plot. She has a gift for zeroing in on story gaps and helping you fill them. I believe she gave me the proper amount of insight and feedback to take my stories to a more polished and stronger place. Her services are well worth the reasonable fee.” -Bryce B., Los Angeles, CA

“I worked with Robin to workshop a couple of stories for my MFA Fiction application for Fall 2014. She provided tremendous critical feedback in terms of story structure and arc, characterization, language and syntax, and even plot. In addition, she made great copyediting suggestions. I am happy to report I will be attending one of my top choices for school next year, and I’m not sure I could have done it without her help.” -Philip M., Chicago, IL

“Robin Tung has edited my work for some time now, and because of her efforts the level of my writing has never been higher. Not only has my writing been greatly improved by her editorial efforts, but my own learning curve has skyrocketed as she has taught me what works, what doesn’t work, and why. Moreover, Robin is friendly and affable, always ready with a courtesy and always ready to help meet deadlines. She will remain my editor for upcoming work as well. My recommendation is ten on a scale of one-to-ten.” -John E., Chicago, IL

“Robin provided invaluable criticism that elevated the level of my writing. Relative to other services her fees are very reasonable, of a higher quality than other services I have used, and well worth the investment. Working with Robin is like attending a very high quality private mini writing camp or seminar. All of Robin’s editing vastly improved my writing.” -John Z., Santa Monica, CA

“Robin’s feedback was precise and direct, helping me develop my graduate school submission from a rough draft to a polished portfolio. She seems to have the uncanny knack of being able to give useful feedback while understanding and uplifting the unique spirit of your story. Her expedited services were also a godsend when dealing with application deadlines.” -Bianca F., Philadelphia, PA

“Robin’s ability to quickly see the strengths and weaknesses of a piece and to constructively and positively communicate her observations guided me to becoming a better writer in a short period of time. She was an outstanding one-on-one tutor when she assisted with my MFA portfolio. In fact, her guidance helped me to gain admittance to most schools to which I applied. She is simply an extraordinary instructor.” -Natalie C., Edinburgh, UK

“Robin is an insightful instructor who quickly and incisively deconstructed my writing to get to the core of how to move forward. Her knowledge and experience are evident from the outset and however much you think you know about writing, Robin will certainly expand that knowledge base.” –David R., San Diego, CA

“Robin is a remarkable editor. I first used her services when I was applying for a scholarship to Cambridge University and needed help refining my personal statement. Her attention to detail and creative writing background were essential as she helped me craft a statement that clearly reflected my ideas and ultimately resulted in a successful scholarship application.” -Cleo T., Los Angeles, CA

“I highly appreciated Robin’s thoughtful and precise feedback on my stories. Her comments and questions gave me the extra push I needed to substantially revise my writing sample and personal statement for my MFA applications.  I hope to work with her again as she provides excellent constructive critique.” –Sarah J., Bloomington, IN

“I was looking for a writing coach with the strength of character to withstand my questions and objections. Robin’s actions showed how much she cared. Her ability to teach me why she did what she did, and show me how her changes made the story come alive was enlightening.” -Vishy D., Escondido, CA

“Robin is an intelligent and creative educator and mentor. As a teacher, I appreciate her teaching style. It gives students a lens to see the nuances of fiction writing. Robin consistently creates a joyful environment that is a comfortable yet serious place to develop as a writer.” -Jessie L., San Diego, CA

“One of the most valuable things I found on my journey to write is a teacher to navigate me through the process. Now I look back at my earlier writing and can’t believe how far I’ve come.” –Elizabeth R., San Diego, CA